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That air you're breathing, where's it been?

AirTracker makes visual connections between the air you are breathing and the locations of air pollution sources in your city. Users can view source areas, which show where air comes from at any time.

Key interactive features include:

  • View real-time air pollution and wind measurements across your city. Click on a blue circle, indicating an available city. Once the region has loaded, click on a circle to see these sensor measurements.

  • Click anywhere in the dotted region of the city to create a source area that "looks upwind" to see where the air came from to end up at that location, at that time.

  • When examining a city, explore past air pollution measurements and source areas that may influence air quality in a neighborhood. Choose a day on the timeline and click the clock in the lower left to explore data within that day.
Source Area:
Click on the nearest sensor to see pollution measurements.
Click on the nearest sensor (with an arrow) to see wind measurements.
Coming from


Source Area:
Less Likely More Likely
AirNow PM2.5:
0+ 12+ 35+ 55+ 150+
PurpleAir PM2.5:
0+ 12+ 35+ 55+ 150+
Clarity PM2.5:
0+ 12+ 35+ 55+ 150+
Smell Reports:
Clicking on the map will show you the source area for that location at the selected time.

The visible area reveals the most likely origin of the air at your selected location.

The air in the grey area is most likely not reaching your selected location.


The wind arrow points in the direction that the air is blowing. While the weather models that Air Tracker uses are quite reliable, they are not always perfect. Here is what to look for:

In the above examples when the wind arrow overlaps with the source area, we have a lot of confidence that the source area is correct.

And then in this different set of examples below, when the wind arrow and source area don't match, we have less confidence that the source area is correct.


Select a year to explore:


Have any questions? Would you like to see Air Tracker in your neighborhood? Let us know at AirTracker@edf.org

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